no princesses, no frogs, just a charming chef

A chef is born...

I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and even though I was only there for a few years I feel like it had such a big impact on me. The deep south culture won’t ever leave me, it’s highly infectious and every time I have been back to visit I still find it exciting. From the USA we briefly moved to Oz and started school. Then another exciting move happened - to Jakarta, Indonesia.


This was an incredible eye opener. I went to an international school, met new kids from all over the world, and ate every cuisine under the sun.

My mother is a brilliant cook (obviously), but in Indonesia we had two live in maids who whipped up delicious traditional meals for us daily. I think it was this that really solidified my love for cooking. I will never forget every time we went out for dinner I would sneak off only to be found in the kitchen, on an upturned pot being fed by the chefs.


After four years in Indonesia we moved back to Western Australia, and I started training as a chef. I was lucky enough to do an apprenticeship part time throughout high school so I was already learning practical skills in the kitchen while I was young.

It was a real blessing looking back because, like a lot of youngsters, I wasn’t much interested in the academic side of school and I think the training that was available to me really kept me busy and out of a lot of trouble!

I completed my chef training in Perth at a variety of restaurants.

First at an Italian in Leederville where every element was made from scratch, pastas, gnocchi, ravioli and all the sauces. Then traditional Malaysian food at Ria, still in Leederville. Little Creatures was next, which was new at the time. Here I took it up a level and really learnt how to work in a fast paced kitchen.

It was at Creatures I met Clint Nolan which was really a pivotal point in my life, he eventually talked me into joining him at his own restaurant, Harvest in North Fremantle.

In my mind the true learning started here, and still to this day Clint has been my main mentor, business partner and lifelong friend.

A couple of years down the road I needed a change and moved to London for an incredible job opportunity. I started cooking for musicians on tour all around the world. The UK was first with bands such as Rod Stewart, Prince, Paul McCartney and Donny Osmond. Then onto bigger European tours with Crowded House, Spice Girls, Alicia Keys, Madonna and Katie Melua. I guess I was doing alright because from there I went to the USA with The Cure, Jimmy Buffet, Trans Siberian Orchestra and many more. 5 years, every state in America and 90+ countries later I can honestly say it was an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. A truly exhausting one. 

I spent a few of those years based in San Francisco and it was living there as well as juicing continuously for musician I really got the idea to start my own business back in Perth and set up my cold pressed juice company. I saw the health benefits first hand through the artists and really learnt a lot from their strict diets on tour. Juice alone was what kept some of them going.


I finally mustered up the courage to do it. Leave the bay in San Francisco with all my knowledge and experience and head back to Perth to start my own business. Little did I know, that’s where the hard work really began.

Days,(and nights) were spent crafting juice recipes. Trying them out on friends and family. And once Refresh was on it's feet, it was my sister and I who ran everything. From juicing, delivering, to social media. And it's only been in the last couple of years I've brought on more team. I still find my most comfortable place is in the kitchen, making juices. But now it's much bigger than that. The Refresh group has now become a wholesaler, and a producer of Hemp Milk. Big things are in store, and I hope you stick around for them.